T.O. Soccer League

Here is the link for the Application to host festivals in the U8 and U9 Divisions.
Only complete this Application if you plan on hosting a festival.
Requirements are at the top of the Application.
Please complete this Application by March 1 if you plan on hosting.

Festival Hosting Application

The T.O. Soccer League has now opened team registrations.

To register for the U13 to U18 divisions, please click here.

To register for the U8 to U12 divisions, please click here.

On July 1, 2019, new rules came into effect through Rowan’s Law, to improve concussion safety in amateur competitive sport.

Everyone can help recognize a possible concussion if they know what to look for.

A person with a concussion might have any of the signs or symptoms listed below. They might show up right away or hours, or even days later. Just one sign or symptom is enough to suspect a concussion. Most people with a concussion do not lose consciousness.

Get to know the "Red Flags" of a concussion

“Red flags” may mean the person has a more serious injury. Treat red flags as an emergency and call 911.

Red flags include:

To find out more about concussion awareness and Rowans Law please visit this website